Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Well, this is fun. Great weekend is followed by not-so-great week.

So far this week I've done about 20 minutes of work. Not so bad, you might think, but bear in mind that next week I have:

  • six pages of essay to write for Monday, which I've only just started reading for;
  • a two hour historical geography exam on Tuesday evening, which I haven't started revising for;
  • a "take-home exam" (ie. essay) to write for Wednesday for my postcolonial geography course. I haven't decided whether to play by the rules, or to spice it up a bit and reveal the prof's inherent biases, even though she will be marking it.



Son of Man said...

I say OWN your silly prof! OWN her!
I'll pray for yor brother.

TwinsK&D said...

Sounds like a fun week ahead :-) Id say write the truth and put in the "good person test" as well! Oops..well maybe Ive gone too far with the 'good person test', but it sure is tempting. Ill be praying for you brother...

amac said...

own her like a mamma and her baby..