Tuesday, April 18, 2006

End of an era

It’s pretty hard to believe that my time at York is over. Every term at university has gone faster than the one before, and I knew that four months wasn’t a long time – but come on! It really feels like about two weeks ago that I had a 24-hour odyssey from Gatwick to Pearson, via Newark. Was it really three and a half months ago that I met the guys on my corridor? Bumped into Patrick, a friend from home who I didn’t know was coming? Went to my first C4C meeting and met Steve, Andrea, Andrew, Jessie, Josh, Danielle, Ryan, Matt…?

I guess it must have been. The term has been broken up into several pieces though, which made it seem quicker. First of all I had to revise for my exams at the end of January. Then I was looking forward to reading week in mid-February. Then it was only six weeks until the end of classes. Then I had exams to revise for again. Then I had five days left!

Overall, it’s been a fantastic term, probably my best yet. Meeting a whole new group of friends has been great – in Founders, in classes, at church and at C4C. It feels almost strange to know so many people from one city and I definitely have to come back and visit in a year or two – or wait for people to start visiting me :)

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