Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Summer holiday

That's it! I've finished for the summer. What a very strange feeling to go from extremely busy and stressed to extremely quiet and relaxed in the space of a few minutes.

I have a few blog entries that I've not got round to writing, which I will do over the next few days. Apart from that, I hope to be out more than in - having spent 95% of the last 3 months on YorkU campus, I'd like to make sure I see the city before I leave.

I am leaving next Monday morning (the 17th) for New York, and thence to California, and back to Toronto via the Midwest. I'll be in the US for 5 weeks or so, and only in Toronto for a weekend before I go home on the 22nd May. So you can understand why I need to 'do' Toronto soon.


Alex Johnstone said...

Finshed! Gah!

So nothing till September (I always go to write October but I know that's just for me :P)

What are you doing once you get home then? Off somewhere else?!

Well my exams are on the 1st-4th of May so mostly been revising this Easter - apart from a brief 3 week stint in the South of Italy!

Although last night I got bored and did this:

Just needs a bit of content here and there!!

I'm back to Cambridge on Easter Monday and will be continuing the better understanding of liquid phase membrane separation or optimising Proportional-integral-derivative control with Ziegler-Nichols...all fun stuff.

Will be in Reading around the 8th of June for someone's birthday party - used to go to Kendrick and now does Chemical engineering! Just like Laurence who can still be made to laugh during lectures...

I'm sure i thought of something whilst thinking of examples of what I'm learning but I've now forgotten it!

Have a good trip round!

Alex Johnstone said...

oh yeh I remember!

I'll be working for British Sugar in the summer!


Chris Hillcoat said...

British Sugar? Dare I even ask what you'll be doing?

BTW - I start in October as well :P