Saturday, April 15, 2006


I just had dinner with Matt Hughes, a fellow YorkU on-campus resident and C4C member. He went to Christian Centre Church this morning (where I went last Sunday) and told me that they had an official update on the result of Tom Scarrella's ministry at the church last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I hope you're ready for this. It's an incredible figure, not at all what I was expecting.

One person was "healed of a migraine". And of course there was-- no, that's it. One person. "Healed" of a migraine. In other news, sales of Tylenol were reported in the Jane/Shoreham area on Monday afternoon.

Matt said he had trouble keeping a straight face when he told me. I joined in his enthusiasm. I mean, if you're going to misquote the Bible and hype people into giving you money, you could at least actually heal them! What a CHARLATAN! Maybe he should go to medical school.

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TwinsK&D said...

its so sad yet kind of funny at the same time...I dont know wether to laugh or cry. That 'sales of tylenol' was a great line...classic :-)