Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Italian, Job


Long time, no update. I've just returned from a few days in northern Italy (as you do!) with the lads from CU where we visited Bergamo, Milan, Como and its namesake lake (pictured here). It was a nice trip, although the pressure to go ultra-low-budget and sleep outside wasn't really to my taste!
Now that I'm back I'm in job-hunting mode. The summer is shaping up as follows:

June (what remains): preparations for Poland, find a job, finalise dissertation proposal
July: native speaker on summer camps in Poland
August: paid and/or dissertation work (I saw an ad for a £12/hr job today! That would be sweet)
September: conferences, fieldtrips, assorted paid and unpaid work

Of course, before we get to all that the World Cup is dominating my schedule. Poland lost tonight :( but England are playing tomorrow against Trinidad & Tobago. Come on England!

Oh yes, one more thing. Welcome home Andrew and Josh! Posted by Picasa


TwinsK&D said...

Hey brother, Glad to see that your still posting..when you said you may not post for a while I wasnt sure how long that ment....Ive enjoyed browsing through your pics of your various trips, very cool! talk to ya soon...


Son of Man said...

Brother, props on witnessing to some muslims in my hood! That brings joy to my parents were bummed they weren't there when you reached GFC...I'm sure the Grace peeps were glad to see you once more!

North Africa was amazing...ask me about it sometime.

miss you brother!

Cling to that cross and serve your King,

Son of Man

kerux said...

Chris -
We miss you!
You are not allowed to post sporadically!!!

James Baker said...
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Chris Hillcoat said...
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