Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Travel Plans

You might want to sit down: my summer holiday starts on April 11th! I only have one final exam in the exam period, so I'm free to leave after that. I don't fly home until the 22nd May though, so I have a fair amount of time to fill. Thankfully, I have lots of people to visit who'll help me fill that time! At first, I was planning on buying an old car and driving it around the States, but I've been effectively persuaded against that: it's pretty unreliable and actually buying/insuring a car could be tricky in Canada given my status.

So at the moment my plans are to visit New York for a few days first, fly over to sunny California for two weeks, rent a car there to drive with, then buy a railpass for the US and catch the train all the way from San Francisco to Chicago - 51 hours! I have plenty of friends dotted around the Midwest from Minneapolis to Ohio who I can spend about 2 weeks visiting, and then I'll come back to Toronto for the last weekend and fly home! (sniff)

Alternatively, I could do it the other way around, with the Midwest first and California last. It's all up in the air: especially if I fly.


JLF said...

Will you be coming back to Canada for school next year, Chris, or is this it?

Chris Hillcoat said...

This is it, I'm afraid Julian. I'll have to found the GFCTO Diaspora!