Friday, February 03, 2006


Bouya! I've had an absolutely mental two weeks, but it's pretty much over thankfully. My Southampton semester has just ended with an exam period for which I'd normally have two week of study leave then two weeks of exams; instead I've had two weeks of class... and then two more weeks of class! I had exams on Tuesday and Wednesday last week, and would have had two assignments due in too but I got extensions for them until this week. This week then, I had exams on Monday and Thursday, and assignments due in on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - argh! I'm really thankful I made it through, because I haven't been this stressed in a while.

I wasn't too busy to set up and post to this blog several times over the last week though! Never mind, I work best in short bursts... anyway, tonight was nice. I went straight from my last exam to the Campus 4 Christ meeting (getting pretty lost on the way), and then Josh invited me back to his house for dinner and watching "Sweet Hereafter" with him and Jessie. That was a good low-key evening, but a good break to my hermit's existence this last week.



Son of Man said...

You rock buddy. I have a good new post coming up. Maybe tonight.....

Jess said...

Hey you! I'm gonna have to start actually posting on my blogspot blog - I feel excluded! ahh...well I'll start posting, then I reckon I could well be in.