Sunday, February 26, 2006

Keeping on

(Picture: outside Founders residence, York U)

Well, what have I been up to in the week since I got back from Québec? Good question...

I mentioned at the end of the previous entry that I went to a party at Andrew MacKenzie's house on the Saturday night. Andrew is my Bible study group leader and the "key student leader" of Campus for Christ here at York - top bloke. Playing Risk took up a chunk of the evening - ie. until 2am, and even though I got a lift home (thankfully) I was up until 3am, and still pretty tired from the week away. So, I didn't get up in time for church in the morning - oops. Bummed around for a while that day, but managed to hook a lift with Josh to Grace church in the evening, where Paul Martin was speaking about consistent church attendance! Ahem.

The week was pretty good - got back a test on Monday which I somehow managed to get 81% for despite revising for, ooh, about 10 minutes. I really hope my marks aren't "adjusted" when I get home from being way too high for the work I've put in. Better than that, a summary of 10 readings that I bashed out for "post-colonial geographies" (AKA Bash the Brits) was graded 92.5%. Two record marks in as many days: sweet.

Last night I was invited by Nick Mitchell to a men's fellowship evening at his house out in Markham. It was a good time with good food, good company, and good foos-ball. Living in a big house while your parents are away must be a cool, if slightly bewildering experience. Josh and I gamely agreed to keep Nick company overnight, and spent quite a while dissecting his bookshelves, watching DVDs and so on. I got a lift back to York this afternoon with Murray (Josh's dad) and wrote a little bit of an essay due in on Tuesday. Noooo... I have to start working again! Posted by Picasa


Son of Man said...

I love the picture. I have a soft spot in my heart for YorkU. We need to crash nick's again soon. If only for that sweet shower.

Jess said...

Chris, you know a dashing young englishman like yourself should be a little more careful. You're going to get yourself a stalker. Hopefully he'll just want to have tea and biscuits!