Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I finally got around to seeing The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe tonight. I went as part of a JCR event (of sorts) - the residence (ie. my fees presumably!) paid for the cinema ticket and pizza beforehand, so I was happy to shell out $5 for bus tickets. Even if we did nearly miss it on the way home.

But the film was superb. I now know how people who'd read Lord of the Rings felt a couple of years ago. It worked superbly! From the wardrobe and the forest, to the Turkish Delight, to the beavers, the wolves, the presents, the battle camp, Aslan (seemed somehow familiar) and so on. Hollywood had its weaselly way in one or two places: river-surfing on an ice floe with a sword is not an episode I remember from CS Lewis! These still added to the film though, and I thought it stood well on its own. The only niggle I had was that seeing talking animals and Peter becoming "Sir Peter Wolfbane" seemed entirely reasonable in a book, but seeing it on screen just felt a tad strange.

Once I've evaulated it more in the next day or two I think I'll remember it well :-) In other news, I have an exam on Thursday [so why are you on here!? - Ed] and assignments due on Thursday and Friday. Joy...

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