Sunday, September 07, 2008

End of an era


This is the last blog post I will ever write as a student! Tomorrow morning I start work for TfL as a transport planner on their graduate scheme. It will be a big change, and one that I haven't really come to terms with yet. I'm actually starting my career - this could be the direction I take for the next 40 years, so it's not an insignificant occasion! It's also one that's been a while in the making; I left school 5 years ago and actually still have one last fling of education before wrapping up my Master's: to edit, print and hand in my dissertation.

Once that's done then it really is onwards and upwards, and I need to avoid the mistake of looking back on my life as a student and thinking that the best has already gone. I'm convinced that greater things are still to come... whether that's as a transport planner or perhaps in a more directly 'Christian' occupation; in London or somewhere further afield.

This has all come quite suddenly, not least because I was away on holiday until Thursday night. 2 weeks in France was a welcome break and if I'm honest it was nice to go abroad without a Christian agenda for a change! Photos here, or more on facebook.

I'd better get an early night. Wish me luck/pray for me...

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