Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Token blog post

Chatel, France

My predictions for the Olympics were about as wrong as they could be. Not only was there no disaster (pollution, protests, Tibet, terrorism etc.) but it all passed off very smoothly indeed. I suppose with the number of volunteers and soldiers around you'd expect nothing less, but it was an impressive spectacle nonetheless. GB's haul of 19 gold medals helped, of course, and may have masked any protests that did take place. The media are usually quick to jump on bad news, but maybe our gold-tinted specacles covered that up?

Anyway. On holiday in France at the moment, staying in the very beautiful and sunny Alps (pictured here with a very large fork in Vevey). I don't get back to England until the 4th September, then I start work on the 8th. A real job! How about that.
The day before, the 7th, I'm due to speak at All Souls' 8am service on the Passover from Exodus 12. As a lead-in to taking communion it's a perfect passage. I think I understand the thrust of the passage well enough, but one question is nagging me. Why was the passover lamb roasted, not boiled like other sacrifices once the Law had been given? I doubt this is the crux of the chapter somehow but it would be good to know. Answers on a postcard...

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