Friday, May 23, 2008


After locking my bike to a lamppost outside 99 Harley Street, I rang the big brass bell and was immediately let in to the clinic. The receptionist asked me to fill in a health questionnaire while I waited for the doctor and ushered me in to the "waiting room", which wouldn't look out of place in the Times Luxx magazine. Rather than a tatty copy of Hello magazine or yesterday's London Lite, she gave me an artwork catalogue to lean on while I completed the questionnaire.

Where are you travelling to?

How long will you be there?
3 weeks
2 weeks

What is the purpose of your trip?
Teaching English
Discipleship and evangelism

What type of travel is it?

The doctor's office was suitably impressive, and she made a few notes while talking about my trip. And then gave me the first of two TicoVac injections to vaccinate me against tick-borne encephalitis, a disease that is as dangerous as it is hard to say. In southern Russia it's all the rage apparently.

The best part about all of this? For some reason this clinic offers the cheapest TBE vaccinations in London - 30% cheaper than my local clinic in Holloway, which has letters hanging off its sign and safety-glass windows. Unless I need botox treatment it's doubtful I'll be back in Harley Street after the second shot of vaccine in 4 weeks, but in mission one has to learn to take the rough with the smooth...

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