Saturday, May 03, 2008

I backed Boris

Ken out; Boris in. As predicted by YouGov, backed by the Evening Standard (who were pretty ruthless towards Ken) and voted for by 1.1 million Londoners - including me.

What were we thinking? Isn't Boris just a gaffe-prone buffoon with a line in funny TV appearances? The BBC has an interesting bio this morning, and includes this quote from a friend of Boris's:

"The bumbling quiz-show host isn't the real Boris at all. I suspect he's tired of that clownish persona and wants to show us the real Boris - orator, leader, heavyweight thinker. Those qualities are there in his personality; they just don't come across on telly" - journalist friend Lloyd Evans

It is of course true that Boris might mess up. Given that he's a human being it's inevitable; and as a politician the halcyon glow will not last more than a few months. It does feel good to have backed the winning man in an election, and I look forward to London's success being built on the three core values of economic freedom, justice and comedy for all. Go on Boris!

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