Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Crossing cultures


This is supposed to be my short trip to Ireland before going to Poland next week (and after having visited Barcelona last week), but to be honest it's all rather confusing. Everyone working in a service industry here is Polish and most of the others seem to be tourists from all over the place.

So other than brushing up my Polish (essentially it involves not using definite article) I've been chilling with Steve and Andrew on an embryonic 'Carey lads on tour'. Dublin isn't a terribly interesting city - the centre is a mishmash of tourist buildings and bars overcharging for Guinness, but today we went out to Howth, a small town on the coast north of the city. The weather was better and the scenery was great: recommended!

I'll be back in England tomorrow and starting to prepare for Poland, where I go on Sunday evening. Busy times ahead!

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