Monday, March 26, 2007

Travel update

I just got back from the first trip of 2007, and very welcome it was after a bit of cabin fever at university for a term.

Chatel had its best snowfall all season with several feet dumped over the week and a LOT of powder on the slopes. Fantastique!

I've also booked my tickets to Toronto later this summer with FlyGlobespan. Well, at least it's supposed to be Toronto...

"Toronto has two designated International airports - Lester B Pearson International (20 miles from downtown) and John C Munro Hamilton International (40 miles from downtown). Flyglobespan's choice of John C Munro International Airport has many compelling advantages ... if your destination is downtown Toronto you can certainly expect to arrive sooner than you would if travelling through Pearson. A recent survey revealed a 48 minute time saving, departing downtown Toronto and taking off from John C Munro Airport over Pearson."

I don't believe any of that for a moment, but the ticket was exceptionally cheap, so I don't really care. I'll be in Canada from Wednesday 22nd August to Sunday 2nd September.

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