Tuesday, March 06, 2007


9776 words is no book, but it certainly took its time to complete. Suddenly I find myself with something called "free time" - how do I fill it...

I went home over the weekend, partly because Carey was having a baptism service. Eight young people (all girls, as it happens) gave testimony to their sin, need of a saviour and faith in Jesus. It was a real encouragement to hear so many sound testimonies - and an uncompromising sermon - that didn't water down the truths of the gospel for the sake of their friends. There were nearly 500 people at the service, of whom over 100 were schoolfriends of the baptism candidates. Good work girls! (SDG)

This week I can make up for my absence during the mission week thanks to the Islamic Society on campus. A few talks to go to and investigate the claims of Islam... and they usually provide much better food than the CU as well!

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