Monday, October 02, 2006

Richard Dawkins - "The God Delusion"

The Oxford biologist Richard Dawkins (author of The Blind Watchmaker and other famous books) has turned his hand to theology... interesting, as he has no training in it nor seemingly any knowledge of it! He appears baffled that Christians can be critical scientists, accusing them of "compartmentalised thinking". He also quotes extensively from the Old Testament, rather than the New; and credits the apostle Paul with inventing Christianity. I may try and read this book to find out what the atheists of the next few years will be using to back up their beliefs.

See a preview from two chapters and almost 1000 reader comments on the BBC here.


Matthew said...

I wish stuff like this was so popular in Canada. It at least gets people talking about and thinking about their position when it comes to God, rather than just indifferently ignoring the issue.

amac said...

his documentary was aired on cbc almost a month ago. it was very shallow in its arguments against religion.
but yeah, this guy is hardcore, and needs to address critical Christian scientists, or else Christians will blog about how useless he is to disuade us.