Monday, October 16, 2006

Chop chop

I seem to have been afflicted with a strange sense of enthusiasm on my return to Southampton - perhaps trying to make up for a semester away?

I'm currently studying four courses, which is one too many. One of them stems from the Berlin fieldtrip, so I can't give that one up. The other three have to stand on their own merits, however; which does present a bit of a quandary. I can study Geographies of Welfare and Wellbeing - which is looking very interesting after the first two lectures; European Economic Geographies - which is OK; and Geographies of Retail and Consumption - which is supposedly quite well-known and has produced some successful geographers over the last 15 years. My head says, take the second two, my heart (and spirit) says take the first and last, because I can learn about ethical responses to poverty and deprivation, which I don't understand enough about.

I've also bitten off a lot of CU activities: the evangelism team, where I'll be heading up questionnaires; the Carol Service team, which met today to start planning for the services on/around December 10 for over 2000 people; and I've also been along to the International Café where we befriend international students and build relationships with them. Tonight I met a Pole who likes Zywiec and went to York Canada for an exchange like me! Nonetheless, I feel I might have to reel back a little bit as the work for my courses hots up...

Mmm, wordy.

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