Sunday, September 24, 2006

Radio Luxembourg


I made it home! Steve and I had a bit of an epic last two days of the trip from Geneva back to here. On the Thursday we left Geneva in the morning, stopped in Bern for lunch (and Montreux to see the Freddy Mercury statue) and then trucked up to Luxembourg for the night. Steve's GPS has some campsites listed, so I picked one at random and headed towards it. When we got there we discovered that (a) it's literally underneath a motorway viaduct and (b) otherwise full of Dutch caravanners. Bizarre.

On Friday morning we had a quick look around Luxembourg itself. It's not the biggest of places, but because the country is so rich they make it look very nice. We even found some postcards to buy, although there wasn't a great selection...

We spent all of Friday afternoon and evening on motorways back to Reading. It was a pretty dull journey, and we were both pretty knackered when we got home!

So that's that. No more foreign jaunts for me for the next few months at least. On this trip we visited:

Czech Republic
... and yesterday I went to Wales for the day, to see my ex-pastor be inducted as the Principal of a seminary there. According to the Welsh, it's a different country!

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