Saturday, August 12, 2006

Flights of fancy

Well, following my somewhat trite summary of the terrorist arrests the other day, it turns out it's all a bit closer to home than I'd thought:

- an internet café in Reading had its computers seized;

- my friend and housemate, Simon, was quite shocked on reading the names of those arrested to see that one of them was a good friend of his from school.

Once again, this is very much home-grown terrorism - like the 7/7 attacks last year, most of the suspects are British citizens. How can people live in a society like ours and turn their backs on it to the extent that they are willing to kill their fellow countrymen?

Ironically, the evangelical Christian community shares some of its conservative values with the conservative Muslim community. The only difference, of course, is that the evangelical Christian community doesn't generate terrorists.

I watched "V for Vendetta" this week, which is a very good film set in England in a fascist future. It postulates that a fundamentalist Christian movement ("Strength through Unity - Unity through Faith") takes power of the country following a breakdown of society and spate of terrorist activity. The film was very Orwellian and there are definite hints of 1984 to it, but it's still impossible to happen - I hope.

Fun and games...

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