Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I try and keep my ear to the ground with regards to cheap travel: megabus, megatrain, easyJet and so on. If I didn't then I wouldn't be able to travel nearly so much!

I've become a bit of a regular on Ryanair recently. They're so ridiculously cheap, and fly to lots of places that I need to... as such I'm making four trips with them this summer alone. I was pretty excited to see on their website that they're starting to fly to Morocco this autumn! I've never been to Africa, and flights over there are traditionally pretty expensive. Next year I might head over there for a week or two, and hopefully persuade the lads to come along too.

Or - I might make it back to Canada! Both Canadian Affair and Zoom offer temptingly cheap deals to the big T.O. so watch this space...

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kerux said...

Many Africans now live in Toronto, so it makes more sense for you to come here. You get to see us AND you get to see Africans. In fact, we have several lovely Africans in our church - so you would not even have to go very far. And I am sure Josher would give you a place to stay.
Clearly, Toronto is the right choice!