Thursday, April 17, 2008

Album review: Come Weary Saints

Sovereign Grace Music have released their latest album, Come Weary Saints. If you're a Christian who never struggles with trusting God in difficult circumstances or develops your deepest knowledge of God through your prosperous sunshine-and-lollipops life, then (a) this album isn't for you; (b) go and read the Bible some more.

For the rest of us, this is a very welcome addition to the pantheon of worship music available to the church. With some notable exceptions (such as "Jesus, draw me ever nearer" by Keith & Kristyn Getty) most of the new music being written and sung is appealing to the concept that joyful = happy, which is of course only true when you're happy.

The album has some cracking songs on it, from the beautiful opening track "Hide Away in the Love of Jesus" to the retuned and chorused "Oh the Deep, Deep Love" to the haunting "Every Day".

I'm sure this album will be flying up my iTunes' "most played" list from now on. It's one to listen to when things are going well; and when your nine MSc exams are coming up in little over a week and your revision feels turgid and purposeless.

Ahem. The best thing is you can download it right now for only $9 (£4.50!) from the Sovereign Grace Music store. Get it now!

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