Friday, October 19, 2007

Moved in


I'm now posting, as promised, from my flat in west London. This being London, I am the only English person in our flat of 5 - there are two Australian girls and two French guys sharing the flat as well. Better not talk too much about the Rugby World Cup..! The internationality of the city makes me as an Englishman feel out of place - hence the new name of this blog.

I love London so far. It sucks you in and makes everywhere outside the M25 seem incredibly provincial and the buzz and the constant noise and activity just runs on and on - like this sentence, in fact. In honour of this move (and because the old one was broken) I've refreshed the blog template. I have to say I didn't know that pink stripe doesn't scroll out of the way as you read down, and it does look rather a lot like First Great Western's logo, but I'm jolly well not changing it all again.

On a separate note I am now the king of Ikea, having spent about 4 hours putting together a huge desk and chair with nothing but a small screwdriver, a hammer and a cup of coffee.

1 comment:

kerux said...

I will never read your blog again fro two reasons.

The second of the two is your new girly pink, eye-gouginng stripe.

The first and primary, is that you have effectively snubbed all relation to Toronto with the removal of North York from your title.

And now... (drumroll, please...) seeing as my long prophecy has now held true...

Good bye, TURNCOAT!!!!