Saturday, August 18, 2007


Last week a group of us from Carey were at the first Cheltenham Bible Festival, held at the town's racecourse. It was a great week, helped by unseasonably sunny weather (well, seasonal weather for any year but this one!), great fellowship and fun times with friends - and of course the inestimable Don Carson. Not that I'm idolising a Christian over Christ, but he is a clever chap and manages to get away with preaching for over an hour with 40 minutes of introduction! I'm hoping to get hold of MP3s of the messages he and others preached as I didn't take notes during the festival. Phatfish and Stuart Townend were also there and made a God-exalting noise in the arena.

On the whole, the festival was very well organised and apart from the lack of a bar or café to chill out in was pretty much ideal. Roll on 2008 with Piper!

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