Friday, February 23, 2007


I don't think I've done so much concentrated reading before in my life. The reference list for my dissertation now runs to four pages (79 items and counting). It seems to have kicked my brain into overdrive, so much so that I can't really switch off and stop thinking!

What a blessing, then, to have good books to get stuck into. On Tuesday I finished going through Romans, which I'd been studying since October. It hasn't been life-changing, but the text is so rich that I could probably do the whole book over again and learn just as much. Our wickedness, God's grace, mercy, providence, guidance, love... yeah, pretty much all about God actually.

On Wednesday my next BST arrived - I'm heading off the beaten track into Joel, Micah and Habbakuk! I'd never read Joel before, and if I may be so irreverent I can see why; great locusts notwithstanding.

The new film Amazing Grace came out today apparently, but not in the UK. I hope to see it at some point, probably when it gets to DVD. In the meantime, tonight I read John Piper's biography of William Wilberforce, the man who spent 46 years (!) campaigning for slavery's abolition. You can read it here.

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