Monday, January 30, 2006


I love it when Canadians and Britons [note: I hate the term "Brits"] get together, because our language differences always surface, whether you intend it or not.

Andrea (slightly dappy but very friendly Canadian): "Have you ever tried talking without an accent?"

I was out in Toronto with some other international students including Phil and we went to get some dinner at a restuarant on King Street (one of the main downtown areas). Everyone at the table was European, and most of us wanted to order beer. The waitress asked us for ID - reasonable enough - so we all handed over our driving licenses. Bear in mind that EU driving licenses are laminated, with holograms and generally pretty offical. There were British, German, Dutch, Finnish and Italian ones there too. The waitress looked at them and said "I can't take these. I've never seen them before. You could have just made them up." Made them up!? Some people really need to use common sense in a situation like that.

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